Disconnect to connect


It has been awhile since I blogged. Work has been pretty much challenging (though in a fun way) but it can still be pretty tiring day by day. The last entry I had was around 2011? When I was still an undergrad with little to no experience in the real life working world. If I could invent time machine and go back in time, I would definitely go back and told myself on how wrong I was thinking that I am ready for the working life and studying is boring, because truth be told, here I am sitting on my chair, trying to catch up with datelines and juggling with responsibilities being an adult, I kinda miss student life.

Back to 2017, it is labor day, no work on Monday, something to be celebrating about I say. Spend the whole weekend on good food, great movies, and amazing company.

Let’s discuss the title. Disconnect to connect? What does it even mean? Well, I was thinking, in this digital age where technology is moving forward faster that human can say hello on the telephone, surely we tend to forget things that are currently happening around us, we were so into our phone screen we forget to communicate. We forget to connect. I am guilty of this multiple times in a day because I was engrossed with work, getting updates and the need to fiddle with something with my thumb that sometimes I did not realize my surroundings.

Maybe its time we put down the gadgets. You don’t have to disconnect forever but lessen the need to keep checking on the screens and actually connect to the real world, the real people, the real life. Thankfully, I enjoy conversations, I enjoy long talks, heavy discussions, so I don’t it will be very hard for me to get used to this new routine. But we shall see and at the same time, I shall continue to make it a habit of writing a least a post a week. It is a great practice to improve my writings and at the same time keep myself in check and discipline myself in a way.

As for now, thank you for reading.



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